Other types of writing

I’ve been writing, just not anything I can share or anything of real interest to you. I’ve been writing in a genre that is newer to me but isn’t of a creative nature. But it’s a new method and style of writing that I can add to the repertoire. 

I write almost every day, but I haven’t been working on that story. I know, I need to. I’m sure you’re dying to read it, but once I actually sit myself down to do it, you’ll have it. I’ve been avoiding it simply because the task seems overwhelming and, like a term paper or studying for a test, while the task never actually gets easier, pushing it off somehow makes you feel better! 

“Going Negative”

     I hate going negative. I worked hard to keep my 3.27 K/D and this is killing it. Going 21 kills with 34 deaths is terrible. Just another pisspoor effort to add on to the other horrible games I’ve had. Gaming professionally is harder than people think. You have to get results and I haven’t been lately. 
    “Hey, I’m going to put your clothes away,” said my tiny, fragile mom as she walked into my room. She keeps this sweet little facade up to mask her raging inner bitch. She’s been slowly driving my dad away for a while now and my brother is already trying to find his own place.

    “Mom, just do it later, I’m not in a good mood,” I said back to her. It was true. I’m not happy. 

    “Well, I gotta do it sometime”

    “Okay mom, do it later. I just wanna play COD, leave me alone,” I snapped back. If she puts my clothes away, she’ll see my cigarettes and dip in my drawers and then she’ll be really pissed. She opened my top drawer.

    “Mom, leave,” I said as I stood up.

    “Excuse me? This is my house, not yours. Don’t forget who the parent is here.”

I started to push her out of the plain white room. We struggled a bit but I got her out. When she was an inch out of the doorway I slammed the door in her face as she turned back around to try to force her way in. 

    “You better open this fucking door this instant!” shrieked my mom, “Peter! Get up here and help me!” After a good minute came more pounding on the door.

    “Son, will you open the door?” asked my dad. You can tell he’s only doing something because mom told him to. 

    “Dude, open the door. Mom’s pissed,” said my brother Jack. Perfect, everyone is on my case now. My brother jimmied around the lock a bit before he swung the door open with everyone pouring in. My mom darted through my laundry drawers as if looking for a hidden treasure or some shit. She found my green and white pack of Newports.

    “What the fuck?! How could you bring these in my house?” she snapped. My dad and brother knew I smoked. My mom knew too but she yells at me to stop constantly, like an itch that keeps getting worse and worse until you scratch it with a fury.

    “Mom, you knew I fucking smoked!” I fired back, trying to establish that I’m no longer a little kid. 

    She whipped around and continued to search the drawers. “Why do you have this?” she asked, pulling out my tin of Grizzly Mint dip. That sent her over the edge. 

“What the hell is in here?” asked my dad as he opened my tin, unknowingly pouring out all the tobacco onto the white carpet. 

“Goddammit! Why don’t you fucking clean this up too?” I screamed as I tore my blanket and sheets off my bed as I flipped it over and threw my video games around the room.

Jack came over to me and hooked my arms trying to hold me back from completely ransacking my room. We wrestled a bit and then broke out into a fistfight. I stuck him in the mouth and the shoulder and he landed a right hook to my jaw splitting my lip open before I pushed him into the corner of the wall. 

My dad stepped in trying to keep me from fighting my brother. I exploded on him, wielding blows to his head, chest, and stomach. I towered over his already small stature and he began to fall to the ground after he had never even thrown a punch. He hit the ground with a thud. After all the chaos, destruction, and the terrified screams of my mother, I had to leave. I ran to get my dark blue duffle bag and loaded some clothes into it and took off down the stairs. My mom ran after me yelling for me stop but barely getting the words out between the tears of anger.

I flung the door open and charged out into the cold rainy night with pajama pants, nikes with no socks, a North face, and a phone. I made it two blocks before a squad car pulled up. 

“Why you walking in the rain?” Asked the cop in the passenger seat. I recognized his face but I didn’t have the name to go with it. When my friends and I hung out at the park by my house, he always drove by in his squad car. He had a winter hat on, the one with the black and white checkers that go around it.

“Got into a fight with my parents and left the house.”

“What’s in the bag?”

“Clothes,” I responded. 

The cop nodded. He turned to his partner and muttered a few words before turning back to me. “You want a ride anywhere? A place you wanna go?” He asked.

“No that’s okay. Thanks,” I replied.

“Alright, be safe,” he said. His signaled to his partner and the two drove off. I watched the tail lights fade in the distance. 

I needed a place to go to get out of the rain. I walked to the 24/7 Dunkin’ Donuts and sat in there. I bought a coffee and tried to figure out what to do next. Maybe this was my chance to do what my dad and brother couldn’t – get out of my mother’s house. I was eighteen. I could find my way. I had some money saved up from my gaming contract to get a cheap apartment. I could have Jack bring me my Xbox and I could keep working. Yeah, that was it. I was hopeful. This was my chance. 

Sometimes ya just need boredom

I managed to knock out 2000 words of a story in one sitting after having not worked on that story in over two months. I’m pretty proud of myself for that. Not for the two months thing, but for sitting down and actually writing for that long and developing my story much more than I expected to after taking a leave of absence from writing (not purposefully). 

2000 words really isn’t all that much for parts of a story, but it can be a lot to put down at one time. Kind of like when I was writing my first novel, just having nothing to do but be stuck staring at a computer screen with not much else to do can help you get, at the very least, started on your story. When I pulled up the story on my computer, I anticipated writing maybe 400 words simply because I hadn’t touched the story in a long time and I didn’t intend to write a whole lot, but I got on a roll and kept with it and now I’ve gotten my story to a place where it doesn’t feel daunting or overwhelming to work on. 

I’m going to hit it a bit more today and I know I’ve said this before, but I want to post more often so I actually set a reminder to write each morning whether it be a story or blogging so be on the lookout! If you have any tips for me on how to stay consistent or want to share how you keep a writing routine, feel free to comment here and let me know!

First Book Review

Taking Chances has been out on Amazon for just about two months and it got its first review! The review gave the book 5 stars and said that they looked forward to more work from the author (me). I can’t tell you how excited I was to know that someone had reviewed it, let alone gave it 5 stars. I’m incredibly grateful for all those who have purchased my book and I’d love to hear what more people think of it.

Taking Chances will be FREE on Amazon Kindle starting tomorrow 4/29 and will be free until Tuesday! Grab yourself a copy! https://www.amazon.com/Taking-Chances-Drew-Schroeder-ebook/dp/B06XC8QP26/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to write in the past month. My new job requires a lot of training consisting of waking up at 3 AM each day and training for 12 hours and then coming home only to prepare for the following day so it’s been rather hectic. The story I’ve been working on has proven to be a little tougher than I thought it would be so I haven’t gotten much farther on that piece, but with little blogs and posts, I hope to catch up a bit and keep myself actively writing, even if it’s not necessarily on stories.

I also saw, while looking at the review of my book on Amazon that other booksellers have purchased my book and are reselling it on there for higher prices than I have it. What sense does that make? If they want to buy it only to resell it, go for it. But to make it more expensive than a brand new original? Doesn’t seem logical to me. But hey, whatever gets more people to read it is good by me.


Losing 30 lbs.

So, it’s been a while since I last posted. Things have started to really pick up in terms of my career and whatnot so I’ve been focusing 100% of my effort on that stuff. I haven’t done much writing, although I have started a new story. I’ve started it, but haven’t touched it since I first started it about two weeks ago. I will finish it eventually, and I think it is something that everyone  will like.

I’ve been running around like a mad man. My career requires me to be in great shape so I’ve been in and out of the gym, running and lifting, attempting to eat somewhat right in preparation. It’s been tough, but I’ve come to like the grind of the gym. I’ve been an athlete all my life, but this particular workout regimen called for a substantial increase in distance running than what I was used to – none. I hate distance running. I’ve never once achieved that “runner’s high” that people talk about. To me, it’s just heavy breathing and sore muscles. If I run while doing another activity, like playing baseball, it’s an indirect form where my primary goal isn’t the act of running, but something else, so I don’t mind it at all. But when all I have to focus on is running itself, I will not last very long.

There has been one awesome upside to my increase in running though. I’ve come to like how it can ease my mind and be a bit of a stress reliever. And since I never ran before, it’s had tremendous results. I went to the doctor last week, and my resting pulse was 49! That’s common among runners, which I wouldn’t consider myself one, because their hearts become so efficient, so I was very proud of that. The average person sits between 60-70.

I’ve also lost 30 pounds! I used to only lift weights and eat whatever I wanted (yeah, that was because I came from a sport where I burned enough daily calories to not have to notice what I ate). Now, I have to watch what I eat and workout consistently so when I added running, it helped me to lose 30 pounds over the last five months. I wish I had known this while I was in college, I wouldn’t have looked like a whale my senior year…

Because of training for this career, I’ve developed my own fitness plan that works for me. I’ve also made the habit of working out at least five days a week and sticking with it. That, on top of eating healthier, has made me feel so much better overall. I’d highly recommend finding a regimen that works for you as well. Even if you consistently go for just an hour three days a week, you will find it’s easy to maintain if you truly want to get in better shape, and you will feel so much better. If you want it, you’ll find a way. If you don’t truly want it, you’ll find excuses.

Fitness Goals and Motivation

All over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter you are bombarded with the fitness fad fanatics updating you every waking moment on a new workout or eating something healthy. I don’t want to make something like that. I want this to simply be a way for me to track what I’m doing, even if only once a week, and help me reach some of my goals.

Rather than make a long post describing each and every little thing I plan to do, I’ll just make a bullet list and check them off as I go through. I like checking things off. Makes me feel accomplished.

  • Workout at least 4-5 days per week.
  • 2 days minimum of running/cardio per week.
  • Eat healthier (hard to do when you don’t know what that means other than adding a salad to your diet).
  • Train to run 2 miles in 15 minutes.
  • Train for 60 situps in 2 minutes.
  • Get more toned/lose body fat.
  • Drop down to 200 lbs. (currently 225).

I think these goals are going to be a challenge and updating this blog will definitely help me keep track and stay motivated. Got any tips for me? Let me know by commenting or shoot me a message! It’ll be a long journey but it’ll be a good one.