Harry Potter / The Dark Tower

So, I’m reading the Harry Potter series at age 23. Well, sort of. I’ve finished the first two books, completing Chamber of Secrets just minutes ago, and I am planning to eventually finish the next ones. I’ve enjoyed them so far. I’m typically not a big fantasy, magical story type of guy, but the way they are written and the stories took me back to high school since my high school looked like Hogwarts, it’s almost nostalgic.

I’ve seen the first four Harry Potter movies, reading the first two books afterward. But, I’m thinking about just skipping to the fifth book and picking up from there. I’d just want to read something that is new, that I haven’t seen before or know about in the series. I’m also thinking about reading a few other books that have been on my list before I continue with the Harry Potter series, one being Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: Gunslinger because I saw the commercial for the movie that’s coming out and it looks pretty sick. So I might be reading that next.

What are you reading? I’m not sure what I really want to read next so I’m looking for suggestions as well.

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Writing Routines

All writers have a routine they use to boost their creativity, get the juices flowing, or to simply keep them writing consistently. Stephen King writes ten pages per day. James Joyce would write until he had the proper words, even if after a full day he only wrote one sentence. Ernest Hemingway would write 500 words per day, no matter how long it took him. Known to enjoy his drink, Hemingway had said that he never wrote drunk.

I loved Hemingway's routine: wake up, have coffee, and write 500 words. It's what I used to write my first novel. I would sit down in the morning with coffee and write until I hit 500 words. It was difficult some days and easier on others. Nowadays, I find myself writing whatever I can whenever I can. It's been tough, between work and home, it's hard to find a little time to myself where I'm not trying to destress. Writing, unfortunately, can cause a bit of stress when you're working on a project but it's good stress.

Do you have a writing routine that you use to keep yourself on track? What is it? How long have you been doing it and how did you develop it? If you have no writing routine, which one out of the many that other authors have used appeal to you?

Off the Shelf

So, I haven’t written any poetry in a very long time. This morning, I wanted to write something, anything. So I sat down and wrote a poem. It’s a short one, but it’s something to get the ball rolling and keep me engaged with writing.



It’s been a while

Since I’ve sat down,

I came down from the clouds

Had to be on the ground.


I had to grow

And become an adult,

To learn their ways,

But not join the cult.


I had to keep my freedom,

Write for myself,

Take my creativity

Down off the shelf.


It keeps me going,

It keeps me alive,

So that I may live,

Not simply survive.


So, when I don’t know what to title something, I’m just going to title it with the date so it’s like a journal entry. Okay? Got it? Good.

I’ve been slowly working my way through L.A. Confidential. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time and it’s a good book, but with my hectic schedule and the place I’m at in the book, I feel like both are at a lull and it’s making it harder to read. I’ve been pushing to read a couple pages here and there when I have time, but my interest is waning. I think almost all books have a spot like that, right smack in the middle where if you didn’t read through it to begin with, you find yourself reading small chunks to slowly trudge out of the sticky muck that is that section in order to get back to the exciting parts and finish the book. Many people would just stop reading the book entirely because they lost interest, but we’re readers. We’re fucking stubborn. I started that book and by God, I’m going to finish it.

I’ve been wanting to just even write something for the story I’ve been working on but I feel overwhelmed by what I want it to look like and how I want it to turn out but I’m not sure if I can write to match all those things. I’ve been looking at it here and there, playing around with some ideas, and then not writing anything because it seems like such a daunting task. I need a full day to break through the mental barrier that has prevented me from finishing that story. It’s pissing me off that I haven’t added much to it since I started it over a month ago and currently have about 500 words to it. I’m going to finish it. You mark my words. I’ll have it up on here the moment I do, too.


Finding Time to Write Is a Pain

My new career has me pulling long days with short nights followed by even longer days. I have little time to write and when I find it, it’s not the number one thing on my list to do. A lot of writers will tell you that being a writer is more about sitting there thinking about writing than actually doing it. We are procrastinators by definition. With things the way they are now, I have a set schedule, but I don’t at the same time. Once I have everything set, it’ll be much easier to find time to write.

I like having a routine. Unfortunately, the routine I have right now doesn’t allow for any deviation that doesn’t take away the small amount of sleep I get. I’m sleeping about five hours per night and working 12 hours per day. It’s not bad, really, but I can’t afford to do much once I get home because I have just enough time to prepare for the next day and once that’s done, it’s time for bed. I’ve been attempting to find time to write at work but that’s proven to be rather difficult. Once I establish a routine, which will happen immediately after my initial training, then I’ll have more time to write and finish a story that doesn’t sound like total and complete shit.

I’ve been thinking over and over about the story I’m currently working on (or occasionally come back to when I’m not working and it doesn’t seem so daunting), but the project, even though it’s a short story, seems daunting. I’m looking at the project as a whole, so it seems overwhelming and I know that. I’m trying to break it down into little chunks, but even that seems to add weight to my shoulders, like the monkey on my back keeps picking up stones each time I go to take another step. It’ll come along, I know it will. I like where the story is headed, I just have to find the time and motivation to sit down and write it.

I know that I only have a few followers and probably only a handful of people, if that, read these posts, but if you do I want to say thank you and if you have any questions about writing, my books, or really about anything, feel free to comment or send me an email!